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Eternal Optimism of the Immigrant Mind

*flexes fingers* It feels good to get my thoughts out there. Even though I know I am holding back on some things for obvious privacy issues and discretion, it feels nice to get something down-both for feedback and to remember … Continue reading

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House Hunting Review: A Tale of Declining Expectations

I remember when we started house hunting and I laugh and laugh at how naive we were. Everyone says to sit down and look at your finances and your must-haves and want-to-haves, then match them up with a neighborhood and … Continue reading

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Well then. Not-posting got out of hand, eh? Blogging seems harder than when I first started. Partly because most people seem to have migrated to social networks and Twitter and such and you lose the little community you build around … Continue reading

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Where to Begin?

There are so many things I want to write about. The many different companies, individuals and heretofore undiscovered aphorisms I never knew existed before Boo Boo: Pinster (Pinterest), Winky Links (WikiLeaks), Jerry Springler (Jerry Springer), who let the cat out … Continue reading

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Hello Ringy, it’s Good to Meet You.

Boo Boo is sitting around watching a movie by that dude who made Gangs of Fussypur, which for all intents and purposes seems to be Sopranos for India. The director seems to specialize in the anti-Bollywood style-lots of realism, quite … Continue reading

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