About Us & The Blog

Monkey: Indian-American-French-Canadian-Whateverian. Ex attorney, current entrepreneur. Pens the monkeyandbooboo blog.

Boo Boo: Indian-Indian-Indian. Engineer, knows how to build an aqueduct. Ridiculously handy in a post-apocalyptic world.

Monkey is the primary author of this blog, with helpful insight from Boo Boo (of course!). Monkey once penned another blog that had to be taken down 2 years ago during a business school stint. After 2 years off the WordPress circuit she realized that she needed a place to host Boo Boo’s malapropisms, her cooking adventures, and going back to India for the first time in 15 years.

Monkey & Boo Boo got married and live together in a NY borough (because Monkey hates Manhattan, having just escaped the Lower Lower East East Side) and are planning their upcoming wedding. And by planning they mean showing up to a wedding their parents planned for them in the Dirty Jerz, on the Palisades, overlooking the Gold Coast and facing Manhattan. Take your Jersey haterade and shove it, because we ain’t paying City Tax No More.


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