Two extra days in squalor. Our closing got shuttled from this Friday to Monday afternoon. I suspect the seller of asking his attorney to stall so he could have the weekend to move in, but perhaps I’m being uncharitable.

In the meantime, after combing through the Macy’s website, I think I’ve found cheaper knockoffs of some of the sofas I’ve been eyeing for the last several weeks. Much better than signing over a couple of pay checks to Crate & Barrels of Money.

I’m also agog at how people have energy to comb through Craigslist for little treasures. It seems exhausting. I guess I’d rather pull out my credit card and just buy something off of Overstock. I did find an adorable MCM dresser for sale right in our neighborhood, but by the time I emailed the guy about it 2 days later, it was gone. NY Craiglisters are fierce. Which is pretty funny because we are trying to give away our ACs and are having a tough time about it. Our landlady ended up renting to one of the candidates that we brought in through our Craigslist posting, so we promised our oldest AC (that has been in my family since 1990! And still works perfectly!) to him. Actually, I have a right mind to demand that B give over his brother’s semi-functional AC and that we take my heirloom AC to our home with us.

I’m disappointed because I hate sitting around in this horrid squalor but it’s just too extra days and we’re about 95% done with packing. Next week we’ll officially be residents of the Dirty Jerz. I can’t wait!

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