Dusting off the old journal

Am I only going to post once a year? I hope not. I miss writing but with chores, commutes, dinners and life to be lived it’s hard to find the time. Umm, we got married? I’m going to have to update that “About Us” page. There is nothing more to say about the wedding than it was a wedding. We got married in an ancient Vedic ceremony. I found it hard to be “in the moment” during the wedding. It goes so fast! The nice part was that other than my clothes we were both so hands-off about everything and our wedding was immediately followed by traveling around India so I didn’t suffer that post-wedding letdown. Also, I love India. I love love love it and Booboo and I have already planned our next trip. The flights were just too haphazard last time so we ended up seeing a bit of Uttarakhand, but next year we’ll probably be going to Kerala.

So I’m also back because I have big news. After a crazy amount of searching, we bought a home! It’s beautiful and large and we can grow into it for a while. We are staying urban because Booboo can’t abide the suburbs. He grew up in an industrial college town in India (think the equivalent of Pittsburgh) and then departed quickly for the swampy climes of Bombay and never looked back. I’ve floated the idea of the ‘burbs or the country or some other places where parking wouldn’t be at such a premium but I only ever got blank stares and uncomfortable shifting in response so I took the hint and we only looked for places in the great NY metro area. For some people urban New York living means directly on the island, but I’ve always believed that the best approach to New York is to live directly across the banks of the rivers. Right now we’re directly across the upper East Side, but we’ll be moving Hudson-side soon. It’s the best possible compromise between my hunger for green space and B’s love of being immersed in the hustle and bustle of The City (as everyone here calls it).

I’ll miss this place! We had an overwhelming number of people look at our apartment the other day and I think both B and I began to feel like “are we crazy for moving? Apparently we backed into the best real estate of all time!” People walk into our place and are like “wow!” I don’t mean to say that we live in this ultra hip, sleek, sexy space. In fact, we have tile floors, a very dated kitchen and no laundry in the building. But our apartment is bright and spacious and there is no wasted space or craftily assembled bedroom carved out of living space (that ends up darkened due to lack of windows given over to the faked bedroom). Every inch of this place has been planned and designed for maximum light exposure and a feeling of open. In spite of that, it rained yesterday and I could feel the apartment walls closing in on us a bit. It used to be much worse when I actually HAD a Manhattan apartment that suffered from faked bedrooms and dark miserable living areas. So I began to think about our new home, which is pretty damn big (lots of bedrooms with a finished basement) and lofty and modern and realized that we’re giving up a great apartment for an awesome home. This apartment had its time and place and all credit for sourcing this amazing neighborhood and realtor and building goes to my husband, who has a 6 year history with the building (!!) I know we’ll pass it on to people who will love it and enjoy it as much as they can.

In the meantime, Booboo and I are trading views of apartment buildings on the upper East side for this:

Around the corner from our home.

Around the corner from our home.

Of course, it’s not perfect, hence the return. We have some…design plans. I say “…” because the biggest showdown in our house right now is whether this home goes Bombay Bordello or Clean Contemporary. Stay tuned.

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