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Two extra days in squalor. Our closing got shuttled from this Friday to Monday afternoon. I suspect the seller of asking his attorney to stall so he could have the weekend to move in, but perhaps I’m being uncharitable. In … Continue reading

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I haven’t bought a lot of clothes in a long time. A really, really, REALLY long time. Like back to 2009-ish I’d say. Sartorially speaking, I’ve subsisted entirely on business suits and 1 pair of jeans (re purchased every year) … Continue reading

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The Lion House

I’ll begin by digressing with a pointless anecdote about other stuff Our house hunt always started with the same ritual. We’d get in our car (the Econobox lives on readers…it will never die, we’re sure of it at this juncture), … Continue reading

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In the meantime…

We are in that in-between stage of living in squalor. I have bruises up and down my legs from bumping into things or falling over them. I can’t wait till we close.

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The New Home

In the end it came down to 2 homes-and we were so so close to doing a simultaneous bid but this one won out. I’ll talk about the other house soon (as well as why we didn’t go with it) … Continue reading

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Eternal Optimism of the Immigrant Mind

*flexes fingers* It feels good to get my thoughts out there. Even though I know I am holding back on some things for obvious privacy issues and discretion, it feels nice to get something down-both for feedback and to remember … Continue reading

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House Hunting Review: A Tale of Declining Expectations

I remember when we started house hunting and I laugh and laugh at how naive we were. Everyone says to sit down and look at your finances and your must-haves and want-to-haves, then match them up with a neighborhood and … Continue reading

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