Well then. Not-posting got out of hand, eh? Blogging seems harder than when I first started. Partly because most people seem to have migrated to social networks and Twitter and such and you lose the little community you build around your own ego-stroking internet placeholder. Also, I find it harder to blog now that I no longer practice law. Turns out there is lot more life to live when you’re not a lawyer, moaning about law school and your petty legal angst and shit. Also, fewer documents to read.

Okay, all that said, while I have been unable to blog my wedding planning and all the OTHER stuff that’s happened…I do want to keep a journal for my upcoming trip to India. First, I have not been back to India in 15 years. Second, I have not taken a transatlantic flight since 2001.


BooBoo and I made it legal (in the eyes of the IRS, if not the Gods) a few months back because our parents reported from India that the priests in Goa will not marry you without evidence of a registered marriage first. Or you incur more fees or something. I’m not actually sure if this is true or not. It certainly sounds true but it also could just be that they got sick of us living in sin.

So anyway, I’ve been sashaying about saying My Husband this and My Husband that over November, December and January and after a while the wedding began to feel like overkill. However, as we’ve neared the date of departure till *mumblemumble tomorrow* we’ve both become more excited about the prospect of going back.

So here we go. Tomorrow we’ll be taking my first ever ultra-long-haul. EWR to BOM. I feel queasy, we’ve got a million things left to do and I still don’t have a wedding dress because the one my parents bought me met with an unfortunate accident*. Three weeks in my homeland. I don’t know if and when I’ll go back there, so I’m planning to enjoy myself.

India 2013 Itinerary

Sex Bob-Ombay: land, shop, evacuate

Goa: beach villa with friends in Calangute and wedding in Dona Paula. I fully plan to show BooBoo my ancestral temples. My marriage to BooBoo has seen me excommunicated, as he (sadly) does not have the privilege of being a Maharashtrian Brahmin. So I figure I may gaze upon my lineage one last time. Time will also be spent doing wedding stuff like having turmeric and henna smeared all over me.

Sex Bob-Ombay Again: checking out the Alma Pater et Vir. Will not swim in Powaii Lake as it seems totally horrifying.

How Pure in Kanpur? BooBoo nostalgically shows me around his days of being an Indian bad boy (“this is where I skipped math class for 10 minutes”). Maybe we’ll catch a movie, I refuse to take any buses, which are ostensibly just rape wagons.

We’ll try our Lucknow rather than Later: I am actually QUITE excited about this, mostly for St-Martiniere’s College, which is Hogwarts if you stuck it in India.

New Delhi Belly: a brief stop-over for administrative stuff. I insist upon Humayun’s tomb and the Lodhi gardens.

Come On Kumaon: our mini-moon to North of Nainital.

Dilly Delhi: one last day before we fly out. To be spent shopping no doubt.

Things I’m disappointed we did not get to do: Kashmir. If there’s a reason for me to go to India again it’s that I want to see Kashmir and Leh. Maybe Kerala.

reporting from Queens,


*of course BooBoo has an amazing Armani suit. GAH.

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2 Responses to Allons-y

  1. Cilicious says:

    Bon Voyage, Congratulations, Mazel Tov–and *Hugs* to you and Your Husband. Hope there will be a few pics.

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