Where to Begin?

There are so many things I want to write about.

  • The many different companies, individuals and heretofore undiscovered aphorisms I never knew existed before Boo Boo: Pinster (Pinterest), Winky Links (WikiLeaks), Jerry Springler (Jerry Springer), who let the cat out of the box (out of the bag) and Arnold Swassnegger (Swassnegger for sure, good call Boo Boo).
  • Wedding: what’s the deal with our registry? We vacillate between setting it up and saying fuck it. I think we’ve finally given in and decided to have one because it’s kind of fun to set up and people keep asking about it.
  • Everything that worries me about going back to India: everything worries me about going back to India.

Maybe I should just start at the beginning and at least recount how we met. I was talking to Cagey on the phone the other day and she was like “you know, you kept posting a picture here and there but I wasn’t sure if he was your boyfriend or your employee.” LOL.

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